The Malheur Field Station

The Great Basin Society, Inc., DBA The Malheur Field Station is a not-for-profit education and research center located in southeastern Oregon..

It is dedicated to the concept of Lifelong Learning with an emphasis on and about the northern Great Basin region. 

Studies include Astronomy, Birding, Botany, Cultural History, Geology, Music, Natural History, Ornithology, the Visual Arts, Writing and Zoology.

Our educational mission has been in operation since 1971.

 Our guests include individuals, families, scientific organizations, scouts, K-12 schools, natural history organizations, outdoor groups, and colleges and universities.

Facilities include a range of Lodging options, a wonderful seasonal Food Service, a Natural History Museum, classrooms, and an informative Bookshop. 

Please view our Program and Support pages on this website or visit us on Facebook for further information.